Machine Gun Kelly rapping on the couch.

This dude MGK, Just chillin on his couch piecing together lyrics off different random pages he din’t use for in any of his current tracks. The amount of hours as an artist you spend just chilling and vibing out pooring emotion into something only the people in the room are gonna hear is endless and countless. These moments  usually end up  in something legendary like this and is always something you wish you had on camera well luckily someone got this on camera! Just that real shit, that real voice and no editing at all and still murdering tracks. Now I know MGK got OurDopeTracks as fans because you can’t deny his love for the music, the passion and the work he puts in is all 100.

Zedd – Beautiful Now (Audio) ft. Jon Bellion

Yes yes yes, finals End and out comes this banger, LET THE SUMMER ARRIVE, as artist will start to crank out those speaker blast worthy summer Bangers! And to start this off with two dope artist like Jon Bellion and Zedd  who together bring genius in melodies and genius in lyrics and when mixed and forced to collide it allows this song to bring you ears on a melodic journey.  So sit back relax and enjoy as these two bring you that magic! So now all that’s  left to do is wait for these two to keep bringing us more and more of that  new music, and wait for a chance to check them out live on tour! So remember to keep it dope much like theses two artist always do!

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Don’t Think About It


Yes, OCD with a new track just two dope artist who been homies since day one just bringing that heat. Every song a long the road brings that up beat vibe from beat, to hook, to verses always on point for a fire joint! They been creating their own songs for all the way through ever since the basement tracks and possibilities in the car! Lets go this time we get Don’t worry about it and describing how his girl can see through his song but she ain’t got think about it cause I’m all in my zone! Def a new upbeat track to get you bobbing your head and vibing out to two of the chillest artist out in the game!

Rihanna – Four Five Seconds (Rendition) by SoMo

Yesssssss! This song was so catchy but just felt like it was missing something and Somo adds that touch for us! Just taking this song into a soft acoustic feeling adds so much more feelings into the song rather then that upbeat original. It remains that same catchyness  style just changed to male vocals which are slowed/modified to that Somo style we have come to enjoy time after time again. Time after time he takes a greatest hit and makes it a repeat hit with that getting well known Somo Rendition!

Krewella – Somewhere to Run

KREWELLA BACK AT IT, dropping us “Somewhere To Run” which can be picked up here! They also are working with artist Don Gilmore from Linkin Park and the Pegboard Nerds to create this new master piece which is only the start to their 2015 music! This song gives me almost and offspring style type of music which obviously is that Linkin Park influence, then there is that heavy dubstep feel that gets you vibing out that is provided by pegboard nerds, and finally you get the beautiful voice of Krewella! What a trio and what a journey it takes you through as you hit each part of the song and then how they work together so well to make this track and A+ and we on the look for much more from them soon!

Usher – U Got It Bad (Rendition) by SoMo

Somo this time bringing us an usher rendition of the song”U got it bad” and it is on par with all of his renditions lately. Just again redoing songs into his style and adjusting them to fit his voice and making each one just as good and unique enough to have desire to be listened to on their own. Song carries great content and Somo’s soft singing adds to this and his voice and style fit this track amazing as he makes it sound so smooth and pleasant on the ears!

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Furious 7 Soundtrack]

Woot, Woot, this is the track we have been waiting for Furious 7 is who we can thank for some of this new inspired FIRE tracks being released lately. Give Wiz a topic and a movie to theme his rhymes to and boom out comes this magic. This song is something we can hear being played at the end of the Fast and Furious movie as the credits are about to roll, and we don’t know about you but we would be okay ending the series to this song! Also the point of family being all you got and we believe that, but Family is those who stand by you no matter what not necessarily defined by blood. Wiz keeping us on that right path and don’t worry most things are temporary in life so enjoy it and stay positive!

Logic Ft. Big K.R.I.T. – Top Ten (Prod. By 6ix)

Logic on that new track flow this time featuring Big K.R.I.T called “Top Ten” produced by his homie 6ix! This track produced with that old school style beat to match some old school feeling bars.  Logic always keeping it real telling us how in this game no matter what you do the people, the critics, and basically just that the peanut gallery will find a reason.  That he just stays on his grind which gives him his high so anyone listening knows whats up! We defiantly do as we support logic day in and day out because he is lyrically been dropping fire since Day 1, and that is some real shit.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Rendition) by SoMo

F@#$ Yes, to Somo’s Rendition of this song “Love me Like you Do” where he  brings this into such a slowed down version backed by some slow piano. This dude knows exactly what songs he needs to bring into his style and which songs he gets inspired from the same way we do. With this exception of he can go into his studio room and sing the track in his own way like no one else does. Remember these just keep us going and loving Somo until he drops he real projects full of awesome originals!

Prince Royce – My Angel [Official Video – Furious 7 Soundtrack]

Another Track off that Furious 7 track list “My Angel” by Prince Royce only lead you to wonder how this songs gonna fit into the movie! Just has that upbeat love song style that can be played during a dramatic scene. Just utilizing his voice and sings in such unique way that makes me think a bit of “Neo” just so soft and then drops into this uplifting hook that brings the song together as a hole and makes it a great listen. This video also brings you the entire track list for the entire movie of Furious 7.