David Guetta – What I Did For Love ft Emeli Sandé

Missed putting this up but David Guetta just always works with amazing vocalist and in this case it is Emeli Sandé and they drop “What I Did For Love”. This song starts off slow, sad, but enters you into the story and vibe of the song. This idea is then followed with an amazing drop and shift in the entire song as it turns positive almost like a realization of the relationship being over it. Together these two artist bring that experience  that is relate able to so many people who have done crazy things for love. Then she sings about when you break it off and sometimes you look back and can not believe what you did for someone who had a strong grip on your heart. The final point of the song is that you have to pick your self up and you do it all again over because that is love. David Guetta is always on point with bringing that into music and finding the perfect voice and artist to work with.

Timeflies Tuesday – Jealous

TimeFlies got us for another release that once we heard we had to bring this track to you! A remix of “Jealous” and man is this one stellar where you are really can appreciate how good of a singer Cal is. From seeing him in his time back at Mardi Gras singing a choir type song with a random street band, to this song where he can even compete with someone like Joe Jonas. Where he has that effect to make the song have a competitive idea like “oh hey who actually sang this better”? Now we know that is always going to be up for opinion but consider that while listening and enjoy another successful Tuesday. As the duo Timeflies continues to do what they do best by keeping their fans happy, touring, and having fun with their music!

Astronaut – Champions Ft. Harry Brooks Jnr (WRLD Remix)


WRLD’s style of bringing an already dope song from first time I heard it “Champions” and adds his own melody while finding tones that make this a must be on your playlist again type of song.  With this sped up version  some disrupt sounds, but yet still carrying out the original lyrics and their meanings. It makes for a  great sound as WRLD and the song “Champions” make for one hell of a combo. As WRLD continues to grow and grow as an artist as he is now 17 and on the verge of doing  some “Crazy Things” in his life time. So keep your eyes out for him on his rise and to change the music game, he is defiantly a concert artist we would love to see!

Timeflies – Mia Khalifa

Timeflies at it again as they bring us the best typical Tuesday with some Rez sampling, an idea, and Cals freestyle. This time making the topic Mia Khalifa and how hot she is and that cal would smash. Bringing that Arabian style to the hook and repeating “Mia Khalifa” as to mimic the porn stars nationality, and continues to describe her appearance with rap lyrics. These two always drawing from life as she is new and on the rise in the world today and they use that in their music. As for usual this Tuesday  is a great listen especially if your about that Mia Khalifa life and can relate to every single word Cal saids.

Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

Drops us more of that Ellie-G(u)old we have come to know from her amazing voice. She just sets every song apart with her style of singing and the content she chooses. Also how Ellie lays each song out with this intention to get across the entire feeling of her song.  Just singing about how someones love can be what makes the world beautiful for them, and so what are you waiting for to fill that gap and give them that feeling. Next comes the amazing remixes to this song and we can’t wait to hear her amazing voice mashed with amazing drops in the trap/dubstep style infusion.

Mod Sun – Never Quit (Feat. Travis Barker)

Mod Sun brings us another stoner Anthem about never quitting smoking weed  and how it helped him turn his life around. How the government is always saying that weed is bad and makes people go crazy, but they never take in to account the people that it helps. This song features Travis Barker and together they bring us a hip/hop and rock vibe mashed together. You can always count on Mod Sun to keep it real and keep his motivation as key aka his Marijuwana. Always ready for some more new dope music from Mod Sun so keep a look out for his stoner anthem tracks as they always are DOPE AS F*%#!

J. Cole – Note To Self (2014 Forest Hills Drive)


First Visual For Apparently

J. COLE. Always brining us that real real SHIT and has had us on the wait for so long but man was it worth it. Listening through song by song and hearing him vent his life and his relatable situations in which you can feel his emotions. Not only that he brings us his life, his feelings, and his venting all through his music.  J.cole saids it best himself in “Apparently” (the music video above)  with the words “There is no right or wrong, just this song” just verifying to just do you on your songs.  Still relating to his situation with his mom the brining some of the J Cole rap to you.  Then you get tracks like “Wet Dreams” where he is bringing through an entire story that relates to so many people about that nervous first time feeling when you like a girl. Makes it a must listen!  Content is key and J cole only pulls from the events and sources in his life to create his music. Not only that but to convert them into lyrical, melodic, and catchy, songs that can play on a mainstream level, but also retain that J Cole Realness to them. Dope Dope Dope Tape Must Support Get His Album Here!

Omar LinX – M.O.R. (Music or Revenge)


This dude is crushing the game song after song and this tape is just WILD… all we got to say is lets go Mr.LinX. He is bringing that hip hop and lyricism on to so many different styles of beats and can still create a great sound. Some real talk type of tracks seen in “The Wild” which to me feels like he is bringing together Rap/Hip Hop bars , with a Country hook, and a DUB-STEP rift located in there and rapped over as well. Then you hear a track like “Dosey Doe” where he is bringing some upbeat MUSIC to our ears, and the people are loving it as he is already climbing the view counter with it at around 500k so lets keep helping Linx blow up and follow his dream. Share this tape, buy it on Itunes here so he can keep it dope and keep bringing us that Dope Music!!

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Back To The Wall Feat. Jared Evan

We are excited to get to bring you that new Moosh & Twist video to fit with one of their latest tracks “Back to the Wall”. This track featuring Jared Evan who sings that dope sounding hook, and then of course met with those two styles carried by Moosh and Twist. That soft melodic flow Moosh brings, and that lyrical concentrated style that Twist has just. These two work together so well and we have seen in it all of there creations or should I say master pieces as this duo kills every the songs they make or appear on!

Eminem – Guts Over Fear ft. Sia

Eminem is just a natural story teller and basically is on that motivational flow with this one. Just bringing us some real shit Eminem gives us his feelings on his career through out his whole life. He always drops lyrical genius though every track he makes and also brings great themes and concepts behind them. Explaining rap his just his everything and the only thing he has ever had in his life and no matter where life took him he always turned back to the music. He knows now that people are always gonna doubt and hate, when all he wanted was to be accepted, and so for any one who has a dream they should keep pushing cause eventually you’ll get there no matter how afraid through it all. Just for him to cover all this  in 3 minutes of rap and say he has no more emotion to draw from is contradicting cause this track carries hella emotion. A Dope Artist always lyrically on a different level and telling you a story which makes this a must listen.