Calvin Harris – Outside [Audio] ft. Ellie Goulding

What a combo as Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding bring us more of that Eargasmic take me away type of track. Where you are just hit right in the ears with that amazing voice of Ellie, which is only accompanied by that dope beat creation of Calvin Harris! These two could make a hundred plus tracks together and every one would be absolutely amazing, because when Magic meets Magic guess what your only gonna get more magic. The song is expressing the feeling of having escaped and now being on the outside looking back in. It allows her to be able to explain, and to show a strong and positive side, which is then mimicked by the sounds and tempo. Give these two a must listen on  anything their names touch because it’s guaranteed to be dope!

SoMo – Or Nah (Rendition)

Somo finally bringing us the track we have seen so many people requesting him to sing, and well he kills it. On point, as he adds his unique voice and twist to a hit song and toast this one up to the ladies. As Somo drops the “Or Nah” rendition that is a so called “get your girl wet” type or track content to the amazing vocals. He somehow always knows how to tweak a song in such a way to make it his own time after time. For example taking a hot song and making it hot again is hard, but not  when you can sing like Somo. He can match any style and take it re-work it and BOOM magic happens time after time again. Somo has been keeping his music dope and on point lately with these renditions.

Logic – Buried Alive

Logic is one of my favorite rappers as he himself even states  that he has OCD while writing. And well for rappers lyricism and flow is key to success and the way logic handles it from song to song is always on point. Then you get that crispy producing from the visionary team as always which logic being a big part of the production process. This track “buried alive”  covers Logic’s current feelings that are currently running threw his mind. He also touches down to all his fan base sub sections, with fast flows, slow flows, party songs, catchy songs, hard rap songs, and radio rap songs. He carries his dream of music, and events in his life and turns it into lyrics and rhythms that people can relate to. Always killing since the first time i heard Logic I was hooked hes just so smooth in all categories of the rap/hip-hop game as he continues to murder every song he touches.

Neon Future 1 – Steve Aoki

Steve F*%$@#& Aoki bringing us fire after fire with this tape, from feature to feature. His putting together what every artist should dream of taking all artist from all across the music spectrum and bringing them together. Not only bringing them together but creating FIRE with each and every one of them. So many different artist so many different styles all met by one thing and that is Steve Aoki’s musical genesis! He works with amazing artist such as Will I Am, Fall Out Boy, Kid Ink, Machine Gun Kelly and Wacka Flocka Flame.  One of our dope picks off of the album as a must must listen was “Back To Earth” which is featuring Fall Out Boy which brings the amazing vocals and real instrument vibes mixed in sync with amazing house rhythms and sounds. Aoki’s mission of working and bringing so many different individuals and their styles of music together and can still make hits makes him a crazy dope artist!

Markus Schulz feat. Liz Primo – Blown Away

Markus Schulz featuring Liz Primo work together on this track “Blown Away” to bring us just a little hint of magic. This song makes it all click on how beat producers are the same as rappers and singers except they like there sounds explain their emotions. So that really listen to that one minute in between hooks closely. Liz Primo singing in such a one of kind voice about the girl you lost and how there is no going back to her because every time you do fall back fo her you end up getting blown away. Then your left with the drop fade off into the words “just keep running” and picked up with an amazing beat which feels that vibe of an old school arcade game. One of those fighter ones where you wont give up and your just in a cut scene of your character trying to escape. I don’t know about you but music that can paint a story in my mind is amazing music, so defiantly a must listen!

Avicii – The Days

Avicii knows what it takes to make hits, with catchy beats and amazing singers that is how! As he makes every beat something you wanna move your body too and listen to on repeat over and over again. Then his choice of artist to work with its almost as if as soon as he hears someones voice he knows exactly what to do with them to make a smash hit. No matter who Avicii works with he helps the gain exposure of one million plus views! This specific song “The Days” the lyrics explain the days in your life your waiting for and that you wont regret. Those days you know your going to remember the rest of your life. This video also is unique as they have a man in all white spray painting the lyrics on an all white wall, emphasizing the importance of the lyrics as well as that catchy-ness of the beats, Kudos Mr.Avicii.


Chris Brown – Don’t Be Gone Too Long ft. Ariana Grande

What a combination of artist to work together from opposite sides of the spectrum, but both super talent singers. We get a Chris Brown and Ariana Grande collaboration, and right here as they sing with a couple type-a vibe. Where they talk about being together, and who would be there when the other is gone, etc. Even in the video it shows a perspective for love story with the type of Rapunzel typical girl in castle, and needs to be saved type-a vibe.  As they harmonize and sing slow and gradually end up on an upbeat tempo and end up just blowing this song out of the water. Its almost as if your taking Ariana’s subject matter of her songs and bringing it into that upbeat move your body Chris Brown style of singing. That’s that R&B meets singer idea we can only hope to see more of. Both artist seem to be working together to promote their latest albums “X” by Chris Brown and “My Everything” From Ariana Grande, so show them some love and support!

Timeflies Tuesday – I Gotta Feeling

These two never fail to bring us an awesome Tuesday, yes yes we know we missed the post on Tuesday. But lets be real you can’t not show these dudes some love as they are always killin it.  This time they remix Will I Am’s track “I Gotta Feeling” which was a hit on its debut. It goes through that Rez production process and then is finally met with the free-styling ability from Cal. This duo has been making music like this for well over a year, and maybe even well over over that, and yet still each Tuesday is just as good as the last. So with maybe the exception of their first Tuesday “Under The Sea” because well that steel drum was just on point. Regardless sit back and enjoy some Timeflies and keep tuned to OurDopeTracks for next weeks episode/song from Timeflies Tuesday!

T.I. feat. Skylar Grey – New National Anthem

T.I and Skylar Grey drop us that new national anthem which is full of Skyalr’s amazing voice and that Dope T.I Flow.  And ogether they bring us a  dope track that as was said by T.I himself “the radio won’t play this”. With T.I’s flow  always on point and him always bringing a real life story to his flows, and still make great music is dope. He brings us through a day in his life from the present or past that he has experienced, and it paints that picture in your head. He has that ability to take all of those experiences and turn them in to great musical hits we all have come to love. T.I is just a real ass dude talking about real ass shit and brings that to his music. He also carries emotions he has and feels strongly into his music. Just listen to him and tell us what he is saying is not also 100% true. So just keep bringing us that real dope shit T.I.


Jon Bellion – The Definition

Jon Bellion a musical wonder from that crazy group of dudes down at visionary. Logic, Quest and Jon Bellion together they bring you a  little bit of everything so expect this to be a wild one from Jon. This tape “The Definition” from a New York artist who brings his unique style that merges together some hip hop, reggae type beats and sounds. His overall type of original style that you don’t see any one else bringing to the game right now. He is always singing and rapping about girls from his past, present, or future and how he enjoyed all the times they had together. Women are easily one of Jon’s greatest muses and he always brings some chill smooth sounds even when only using his voice and synths to drop some magic. This tape is definitely a must listen, because we promise there is nothing else like it just mixing all kind of genres. And after all that he is producing all his own instrumentals as well, just Kudos.