Big Sean – One Man Can Change The World (Rendition) by SoMo

I don’t know about you but the lyrics written by Big Sean brought into this Somo style is actually MAGIC. This rendition is one of the best I have ever heard. It gets me on that inspired level so I know i’m gonna be hitting that studio tonight! “One Man Could Change The World” so remember that every one can make a difference  and that you can use your dreams and your passions to make that Magic a reality! Change the world doing what you love just remember to give back, inspire, and just be happy, so just do your thing.  Somo got us hooked with these renditions and we hope he keeps dropping these daily for as long as he continues his music career so except that new Somo here every time!

Ride Out – Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, Rich Homie Quan

Get ready  for the Official Video  and soundtrack for Furious 7… They are at it again taking an artist(s) and making them create that mixture of intensity and awesome from the movie, but then bringing it into their track. This movie inspires great music to “ride along” with because it is all about your Family and we all know your “squad” is a part of your inner circle. This time they teamed up with a couple of dope artist such as Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, and Rich Homie Quan which is joining together so many artist from the rap/hip hop game. So we end up being rewarded with this fire joint we are going to be blasting til we see that excitement packed and anticipated movie!

Enrique Iglesias – Let Me Be Your Lover ft. Pitbull

Bringing together two artist like this is awesome just upbeat live that good life singer and rapper combo! With Enrique Iglesias and Pibull bring us “Let me be you lover” which is just full of move your body type melodies, flows, and rifts! The video features both artist as dolls with strings dancing, driving, and talking to women worth a good laugh and watch as you even see Pitbulls doll twerk for split second! The overall song just about partying and making that girl feel special you know something to play right before your going to a party to pick up chicks that will get you ready to go!

Calvin Harris – Pray to God ft. HAIM

Calvin Harris brings another track with some smooth vocals and some upbeat sounds.  Ha also again brings us a semi crazy wild pointless video of three vampires and a random series of animals but hey its about the music anyway right? As for just giving it a listen definitely do as it starts off slow but once that drop hits and those bpms pick up the song takes you for a ride! “Pray To God” is a new song taken from the new Calvin Harris album Motion out which from this track we can tell is going to be full of Smash Hits. Show Calvin Harris some love and help him continue to do what he does and buy his music here!

Timeflies Tuesday – I’m Not The Only One

Timeflies with another Tuesday grind this time bringing us the version of “I’m not the only one” again with Cals vocals and Rez beat creation through samples is on point. If your a Timeflies fan can be an amazing  thing because they allow you to like music from all different genres and brought into this “Tuesday type genre” that Timeflies has created! I know personally we could listen to any and every single saw this duo comes out with because they always murder tracks. They are also dope to see live with live acoustic guitar, freestyles, some Tuesday tracks, and some  originals getting sung and played so definitely check them out on tour!

Howlin’ At The Moon – Mod Sun (Official Audio)

Mod Sun is just the man to me with his way of life just care free and no fucks given to opinions or any of the bull shit life throws at him! Just on that do what you love and love to be alive so you can have fun even if it means you have to lose control sometimes. This song is another typical killer Mod Sun track where he brings songs to life with a vision of partying at night like animals why the rest of the world sleeps. This dude will always keep you feeling right and lift you up on those down days so in the words of “Mod Sun” himself light one, get faded, and enjoy life. That is a true key to happiness is enjoying life no matter what you intend to do with it and we are strong believers of this at!

Sam Hunt – Take Your Time (Rendition) by SoMo


New Somo rendition of Sam Hunt’s song “Take Your Time” where he just sings it to his own unique twist. Just giving it a little Somo flare and lets him keep all his fans happy week after week with some of their favorite songs. Just a great voice doing a great cover/rework of hit songs. As an artist on the rise its nice to see him still giving out so much free music and it shows as his fan base continues to grow and grow.  First heard this dude from my friend back in his whip which he just traded in, which we use to just take long drives at night and just vibe to his Take Care Rendition.

David Guetta – What I Did For Love ft Emeli Sandé

Missed putting this up but David Guetta just always works with amazing vocalist and in this case it is Emeli Sandé and they drop “What I Did For Love”. This song starts off slow, sad, but enters you into the story and vibe of the song. This idea is then followed with an amazing drop and shift in the entire song as it turns positive almost like a realization of the relationship being over it. Together these two artist bring that experience  that is relate able to so many people who have done crazy things for love. Then she sings about when you break it off and sometimes you look back and can not believe what you did for someone who had a strong grip on your heart. The final point of the song is that you have to pick your self up and you do it all again over because that is love. David Guetta is always on point with bringing that into music and finding the perfect voice and artist to work with.

Timeflies Tuesday – Jealous

TimeFlies got us for another release that once we heard we had to bring this track to you! A remix of “Jealous” and man is this one stellar where you are really can appreciate how good of a singer Cal is. From seeing him in his time back at Mardi Gras singing a choir type song with a random street band, to this song where he can even compete with someone like Joe Jonas. Where he has that effect to make the song have a competitive idea like “oh hey who actually sang this better”? Now we know that is always going to be up for opinion but consider that while listening and enjoy another successful Tuesday. As the duo Timeflies continues to do what they do best by keeping their fans happy, touring, and having fun with their music!

Astronaut – Champions Ft. Harry Brooks Jnr (WRLD Remix)


WRLD’s style of bringing an already dope song from first time I heard it “Champions” and adds his own melody while finding tones that make this a must be on your playlist again type of song.  With this sped up version  some disrupt sounds, but yet still carrying out the original lyrics and their meanings. It makes for a  great sound as WRLD and the song “Champions” make for one hell of a combo. As WRLD continues to grow and grow as an artist as he is now 17 and on the verge of doing  some “Crazy Things” in his life time. So keep your eyes out for him on his rise and to change the music game, he is defiantly a concert artist we would love to see!