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Yellow Claw – Blood For Mercy Full Album

Time for the house/dubstep album just dropped by yellow claw for some new fire tunes! This continues off the first track we posted only bringing you a bunch of new tracks to vibe with. Get ready to dance and hear dope vocals in to some OG drops. Yellow Claw was in the zone for the creation of this album and there hooks utilize amazing singers to just give off a five star vibe you can listen to over and over as well as all day! If this sounds like you give them a listen you wont be disappointed!

Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion – Catch Me feat. Naaz

Catchy, catchy, catchy this tracks instrumental IS FUEGO! Then your met with some dope vocals from Naaz! This trio including Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion as well just bring us this dope af track! Promise you will catch her and with a voice like hers I am in 100 out of a 100 times to do so! Take a chance and catch this song before its gone and you will be hooked! It gives off such a good vibe and move your body feeling as most of these fire house tracks are known for. Great female vocals and dope beats what else could you ask for keep up the good music with these artist and check back for more from them!

Afrojack – Unstoppable

AFROJACK dropping every EDM lovers dream a move your body track with  a catchy hook that immediately causes you to bob your head to the beat and anticipate the drop! Never seeming to disappoint and always bringing concert ready music straight to your head phones and speakers. Enjoy enjoy and try and catch this dude live and let him blow your mind. Music can make you feel all types of ways but this song is for sure a dancer, and on the not you better dance liek your “UNSTOPPABLE”!!!

Play N Skillz – literally ı can’t ft. Redfoo, Lil Jon, Enertia McFly (official video)

New Play n Skillz track featuring a few artist such as Redfoo, Lil Jon, Enertia McFly! Check it we gonna bring back that party vibe music into our music posts be ready the fire is on the way. New music daily and this seemed like that perfect to start with. Using the artist from shots “lil john” this track carries such a similar vibe to it. Even the lyrics focus on heavy duty partying as seen in the video give it a watch and listen we feel this might be right up that house/dance music lovers alley.

Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir – Found Your Love (Dub Edit)

Oliver Nelson and Heir working together to bring us a dub edit of “Found Your Love” which right off the bat you can feel the vibe your gonna get! And That vibe is another summer time jam and flawlessly blended vocals that make this track an A+.  This track is just too smooth all the way through so just find your love and play this jam so you dance all night! Reinforced by the hook that once you know you found your love make sure you don’t let it go. Even if that love is your passions such as music and I hope these two keep up their love for the music to bring us many more summer time Jams!

Mau Kilauea Ft. Sol – Holiday Romance (Original Mix)


Starts of slow with some nice vocals but then it picks up into a sick melodic track full of upbeat rhythms that match the vocals and make this track into a banger! Just gives such good vibes and that summer time feeling, this track makes me want to take a trip to Hawaii and Hula Dance… hahaha. Seriously though give this track a listen to this tropical house track about taking one chance on that girl and share that night with no regrets! So we hope you find some “Holiday Romance” during your summer vacations this year!